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About Us

There is no argument that the COVID 19 pandemic of 2020-2021 has changed the way we live, learn, and work…. in some cases, possibly forever.  What is needed now more than ever is professional computer & network support services for our small to mid-size businesses or our “new” remote home-based office. From this need, ProCom Support was born. And if you have kids in school, you painfully learned that their education system learning software, Instructional Learning System (ILS), is only delivered via Microsoft Windows computers and some Mac products, but not on Chromebooks, Kindles, off-brand tablets, your mobile phone, etc.
ProCom Support (PCS) is comprised of local and remote highly trained, Microsoft professionals that can deliver Windows Operating System repair, support, training, and performance improvements remotely, honestly, reliably, and guaranteed. Many of our services are delivered over the Internet nationwide. We really have remotely supported clients coast-to-coast in the United States.  Working from home has become the "Norm" and thrown the old 8-to-5 work schedule out the window.  Now we have to balance our personal life, our kids’ education via computer, and still continue to get our work for our job done; this requires fast, reliable computers and support.  This is why PCS’s current business hours are provided after hours and weekends, outside your work or school schedule.  And if you subscribe to any of our Remote Subscription or RMM plans, we are on-call anytime, 24/7 x 365 by 150 remote technicians, even on weekends; we work when you don't, Contact us for plan details.

At ProCom Support (PCS), our mission is to improve the quality of life and efficiency of our clients in the successful implementation and support of Windows-based computers, servers, networks, printers, software, and related computing systems for home, small business, and mid-size businesses. 

We offer a full complement of products and services to our clients to improve their computing experience. From the initial design phase through implementation and completion, with excellent service and support after the sale. PCS will always professionally conduct business, be knowledgeable of current technology, and operate honestly and legally in all our operations. 

Our service offerings utilize only current proven technology while observing industry-standard practices, to provide only the best system available within our client’s needs and budget.


PCS will strongly support our local community through the donation of time, support, and/or financial contributions. As a further commitment to our community, discounted labor rates will be provided to Military personal, Public Safety employees, “Not-for-Profit” organizations, and Senior Citizens (65+).


ProCom Support (PCS) is a dba company filed under Michigan formed S-Corporation, Data Tech FX, Inc.  Data Tech is a full-service technology-oriented company founded on April 12th, 2019 with its history dating back to 2001 when we were a Richland-based business. Data Tech consistently serviced over 125 businesses and 425 residential clients until the 2009 economical recession. We are proud to now be based in Mattawan, MI.

PCS provides "After-Hourscomputer, server, network, printer, VoIP, and many other communication product sales and services for residential and small businesses, organizations, government, and “Not-for-Profit” organizations.

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ProCom Support provides the following remote services:

Remote Support of Microsoft Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Products
Remote On-line Service, Diagnostics, and Repair
Routine Maintenance and Performance Improvements
Remote Monitoring of Home and Business Windows-based PCs and Servers
Virus and Malware Software Prevention and Infection Removal 
(in some instances, disinfection may require servicing in our Technical Lab)

ProCom Support provides the following "in-shop" & on-site services:

New Equipment, Refurbished PCs & System Sales (over 2000 brand names)
System Upgrades, Memory, Hard Drives - including “Blazing Fast" SSD drives
Internet, Routers and Network Switch Troubleshooting
Wired and Wireless Networking Design and Troubleshooting
Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone systems providing savings and expanded capabilities
Data Recovery, Archiving, and transfer to new computer systems


Our business location is “Over the Internet”, or "On-Site" at your home or business.


Our home-based business operations and technical service lab are located at 24364 Oak Ln, Mattawan, MI 49071-9515. However, we do not allow “drop-in” client vehicle traffic. Drop-off and pick-up service may be scheduled by appointment ONLY. We do provide pick-up and delivery services in and around Mattawan, Paw Paw, Texas Corners, Lawton, Schoolcraft, Westside of Portage, and nearby communities.


WARNING: Our business office and technical lab facility are fully protected by extensive video surveillance systems and "State-of-the-Art" 24/7 security intrusion monitoring. It's not Fort Knox, but it's close ;)

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The principal of PCS, is a Microsoft Certified Professional with over 32+ years of computer and network sales, service, repairs, system design, engineering, and installation experience in residential, commercial, and industrial business computing systems. He has been an active Microsoft Certified Professional since 2007.If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us!

Thank you for your interest in ProCom Service (PCS) and we look forward to earning your trust and confidence in our services enough for you to consider us “Your Technology Department".

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