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How PCS works

So you have misbehaving computer or server, running slow, crashing, need or want an upgrade, or just need some training. Maybe issues with printing, software, scanning or other connected devices. The first thing is to determine your classification.
STEP ONE:  Determine your classification: 
  • Residential Client - You use your computer(s) to surf the Internet, check emails, use Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc), basic home-related functions- you're a Residential Client.
  • Business Client - You use your computer(s) for everything a Residential Client does and/or you also have speciality software to run for work at a business.  For example, you own a building for your small to mid-size company, use specialized software like QuickBooks for accounting, CAD software, Audio/Video production, handle Real Estate listings, Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical Software, CRM software or you sell products and/or services to the general public, business-related functions that are or add to your income - you're a Business Client.
  • Windows Server Client - You use your computer(s) for everything above, but your employ Windows Servers for file sharing, print services, centralized applications. You deploy a Windows Server Domain Controller with Active Directory and/or Group Policies in your environment with centralized client management. - you're a Windows Server Client.
STEP TWO:  Review our services
STEP THREE:  Choose your Remote Support option and Book your appointment online. After your initial payment for the first 30 minutes, you will be directed to download our remote one-time support software.  Call us at (269) 350-3250, or we'll call you and we'll work with you over the phone.  We will ask you for your one-time Unique ID and PIN numbers allowing us to remotely access your PC and we'll review your issues right over the phone.
Note: If you are on a Remote Management plan, you simply need to call us at (269) 350-3250 or Nationwide Toll-Free at (844) 944-4PCS (4727) and we can access your machine whenever you need support bypassing this entire process.
We can't make it any easier and more convenient to get support. If you have any questions, please contact us today for more information
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